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After my oldest son was born, as he grew, I’d go into his bedroom every night and give him a look, a touch, and a word. I’d “look” deeply into his eyes, lay my hand gently on his forehead, a “touch,” and give him some “words” of encouragement.

Here’s what I’d say. “If I ever lost you, I’d line up every kid in the whole world and go down that line one kid at a time until I found you.” I never wanted him to waste one moment of emotional energy wondering if I loved him and cared for him. I wanted to make a personal connection.

When he graduated from college, he gave me a note that said, “Dear Dad, if I ever lost you, I’d line up every dad in the whole world and go down that line one dad at a time until I found you.” When I read that note, my heart was so full of fatherly love. I don’t want either one of us ever to wonder if we love each other. 

God doesn’t want us to waste one ounce of our emotional energy wondering if He loves us. He wants to have an intimate, personal, two-sided relationship with you and me. He wants us to have the “Am I loved by God?” question settled once and for all. 

I’ve been a pastor most of my adult life. And during that time, I’ve noticed, that many of us have a hard time getting close to God. I’ll never forget the person that told me, “I’ve been a believer most of my life, I go to church, sing the songs, listen to the sermons, serve in a ministry in my church, and give what I can, yet I just don’t feel close to God.”

Another person stumbled into church one day and said, “Hey, I don’t know anything about God. Where is He and what does He do? Does He care about me, can I get close to Him?" If you’re either of those people, or somewhere in between, then CONNECTING WITH GOD: THREE STEPS TO SPIRITUAL INTIMACY is for you.

That's why I designed CONNECTING WITH GOD, as a six to eight-week personal or small group study to help people get closer to God and each other.  CONNECTING WITH GOD shares THREE STEPS TO SPIRITUAL INTIMACY. In these three steps, you will discover how to grow closer to God, in the inner core of your being, in a way you’ve never known or experienced before. I want to share a simple pathway you can follow to bring you closer to God.

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About the Course

Learn More about the Connecting With God Course

Connecting with God is designed to being you closer to God through three steps to spiritual intimacy. Follow along on our video series and study book and you will find a whole new way of connecting with God, a way that will see you through every season and challenge life has to offer. Get started and change your life.

This series will give you:

• A pathway to follow,

• A truth to believe in,

• And a hope to hold onto,

• Wherever you find yourself this very moment.

About the Author

Learn More about the Author, Stu Boehmig

Stu Boehmig is a Magma Cum Laude graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, where he was awarded a Byington Fellowship in Systematic Theology. He has been an Area Director of Young Life, the Executive Director of Ligonier Ministries under Dr. RC Sproul, the founding Pastor of Orchard Hill Church, and the Rector of The Abbey Pawleys, Island. Stu has a passion for teaching Biblical truth to a modern-day world.

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